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How It Works:

1. Fill out the Custom Song Submission Form (see below) and click "Submit" after completion.

2. Upon receiving your Custom Song Submission Form, I will contact you (within 24-48 hours) to discuss specific details and to answer any questions you may have about your custom song. 

3. After consulting with you, I will begin writing and composing your custom song. About halfway through this process, I will contact you (via E-Mail) to send you a 'rough draft' of the song. At this point, any changes/adjustments to the musical arrangement and/or lyrics can be discussed and finalized. Upon your approval, your custom song will be ready for the recording studio.

4. Your custom song will be professionally recorded, mixed and mastered in a recording studio. Upon completion, you will be sent a mix of your song in order to make any final adjustments (such as volume changes to vocals, guitars, drums, etc.). Once you are satisfied, your custom song will be processed into three (3) physical CDs, a commemorative CD plaque (including the song title, CD, and original lyrics), gift wrapped and shipped to your address. A high-resolution MP3 file of your song will be sent to you electronically (via E-Mail) for sharing with friends and family!

Any questions/comments, please send an email to:

Custom Song Package

-Personalized Lyric Composition

-Original Music Composition

-Professional Studio Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering (Radio Quality)

-Full Band Arrangement (includes backing vocals, guitars, pianos, strings, bass, drums, etc.)

-Musical Genre Options: Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Electronica 

-Commemorative CD Plaque with Original Song Lyrics 

-Physical CD Replication with Original Artwork and Lyrics  (Min. 3 CDs / Max. 500 CDs)

-Digital WAV and MP3 file (delivered via E-Mail)

-Gift Wrapped and Shipped (Allow 3 - 5 business days for shipping)



I'm one of the fortunate who had the honor and pleasure to know Mark and his extraordinary gift for music through my international
musical site www.songweavers.comHis musical abilities are simply magical as he creates his heavenly sounds as a composer and his musical writings are so meaningful as they show the talent which is within his heart. His vocals are magnificent and together they create a "perfect musical package". 

In today's world it is things like "music" that soothe our soul, touch our hearts & bring tears of peace and joy to us all. Mark's songs do just that and more. His work is simply in a category of it's own. Mark had the privilege and honor to participate in Songweavers World Peaceproject in which he collaborated with President of Israel, Shimon Peres to his poetic words to "Ray of Hope". He gave his heart and soul to the world of humanity through his own "breathtaking" version to "Ray of Hope". His song touched and mesmerized so many around the world that it was picked up by the international media. 

I hope that you all are as blessed by Mark's work as he has blessed the world through the beauty of his musical work which today enriches us all.
Co-Founder of
We just received our Custom Song you did for our daughter, Samantha. Thank you so much! The verses were so much like her! She did make us smile: "When you smile, you shine a light a thousand miles" Mom and Dad couldn't be more proud! She loved music and would have loved the song! We will treasure the song forever! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

-Peggy Akkerman Schmidt

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