About Mark Bolger

Mark Bolger is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. He has been a prolific musician for the majority of his life, having discovered his talent and passion for music at the age of six. Bolger began playing the piano by ear at this age and was quickly eager to explore other instruments including the guitar, saxophone and drums. He began honing his vocal skills at the age of twelve by following the styles of his favorite artists, who ranged from The Beatles to bands such as The Cure, Goo Goo Dolls and Radiohead. Bolger is also the great-great nephew of Pulitzer Prize winning poet/lyricist Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1950).

In school, Bolger was awarded 'Best Musician' for his performance and leadership skills in choirs, jazz bands, and personally formed music groups. His first recording studio experience was for a high school project, where he was presenting on composing and performing an original song. Bolger immediately became fascinated with the energy and creativity of the recording process.

Bolger continued to write and perform after high school and throughout college, releasing six original albums and performing alongside artists such as Lifehouse, Better Than Ezra, Ryan Cabrera , Something Corporate, The Starting Line, and The Veronicas.

In 2008, Bolger was asked to write, perform and record a song that would be featured on an International Compilation for World Peace. The song “Ray of Hope” was selected and presented to the former Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Bolger is currently writing and producing songs for Recording Artists, Film/TV, The Songs of Love Foundation (www.songsoflove.org) as well as his own solo releases.